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This is a multi-story Office building in down town Midland. This building is constructed of Steel columns and girder beams with the use of joist as infill supports for metal decking. There are two internal stairs leading up to the second floor and both stair towers in conjunction with a shear wall are being used as bracing for the building. This project has approximately 92 tons of structural steel and 22 tons of Bar Joist. There was 29,600 square feet of decking used in the construction of this building. 


This is a multi-use Multi Story structure in downdown midland. This final project will consist of below grade parking, shops and restraurant on the ground level with efficiency apartments and luxury condominiums upstairs. The roof area will be used for conference center rooms and meeting areas along with the residential gathering space. The project overlooks the Tridge in downtown midland. The final project used approximately 714 tons of steel to build. This project used 65,600 square feet of decking to support concrete floor, walkways and stair landing.


Magnum Construction has built multi-level chemical production facilities along with several mega projects. An example of a mega project includes: 6,500 tons of steel including 4,233 shop drawings with less than one year to complete. We have 33 years of industrial maintenance experience which includes: small platforms, building & high line repairs and other safety & regulatory requirements. Some industrial clients we have worked for are Consumers Energy, The Dow Chemical Company, Dow Corning Company, Gerber Construction Company, Hemlock Semiconductor, Occidental Chemical Corporation, and S.C. Johnson & Son.



Magnum Construction has built several specialty projects. The most recent project was the Whiting Forest Canopy Walk located in Midland, Michigan. This project boasts "The longest, fully accessible, year round canopy walk in the nation" Completed in 2018, this project has 1400 linear feet of canopy walk reaching heights of forty feet. This project also contains two foot bridges connecting the Grace A. Dow Library and Dow Gardens to the Whiting Forest site.  The project contained 2,720 tons of steel fabricated in modules weighing as much as 10,761 lbs. Additional information can be found here or at .

Elkhart gates.JPG


Magnum Construction has been assisting with reconstructing and renovating dams over the last 15 years. In recent years we have fabricated trash gates, retainer gates, catwalks, and hoists ways. This work has been on multiple dams across  the region and here in Michigan as well. These projects are needed to upgrade and repair the ageing infrastructure in the hydro power and flood control processes.  Several of the projects we have completed  used design drawings dating back into the 1920's and 1930's from when the original construction took place. 

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