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We, the owners of Magnum Construction, recognize safety as a core value that requires a leadership driven company culture. We strive to lead by example and provide all employees a voice to participate in safety at every level.  For all employees, we provide training, maintained equipment, up-to-date procedures, incident reviews, and a drug & alcohol free work place.

Ensuring everyone goes home in as good as or better condition as when they arrived is foremost among Magnum business strategies.  Those working for this company, directly or indirectly, are held to an expectation that personal and peer-to-peer safety is never compromised under any circumstance. Every employee has a responsibility to maintain a controlled working environment; this includes recognizing unsafe conditions, reporting hazards, and working toward preventing incidents.


We thank you for your commitment to a healthy and injury-free workplace.




Joe Kaufmann                                Andy Heineman 

President                                          Sec. /Treasurer                                        

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